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Real Estate Paralegal Specialty


Unlike estate planning paralegals, real estate paralegals deal with the laws and legalities as it pertains specifically to the real estate industry. The majority of paralegals who desire to specialize in real estate law have a deep desire to work in the ever-evolving residential and commercial real estate industries. This unique specialization is rapidly growing and is known to pay above-average when compared to other paralegal specialties.

As with any professional career within the legal industry, in order to venture into this unique workforce, you must not only be prepared to satisfy the daily job requirements, but also obtain a specialized education. Because you’ll be expected to fully understand real estate transactions, contracts, tax law and other vital aspects of the real estate industry, there are several unique qualifying milestones you should achieve before entering this industry. Doing so will make this transition as simple and streamlined as possible.

Step #1 – Obtaining a Paralegal Degree or Certificate

The first milestone you must accomplish when it comes to working as a real estate law paralegal is obtaining your education. Generally, real estate paralegals earn a technical certificate or a degree in paralegal studies. The most important element to remember is to seek out a training program that is accredited by the American Bar Association. There are many online and traditional training programs available.

Step #2 – Specializing in Real Estate Law

While there are no concentrations or study emphasis within the majority of paralegal study training programs, there are additional courses and certification programs available to students. You may choose to undergo unique courses, which do not equal a certificate, diploma or degree. However, you may also choose to enroll in a real estate law certification program. While individual state requirements for paralegal certification often vary, when combined with your paralegal studies certificate or degree, you will clearly demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge when it comes to the unique requirements of real estate law.

Step #3 – Internships

Perhaps the most important step you will take when it comes to entering this workforce is within the realm of internships. A real estate law internship will not only allow you the opportunity to put your recent knowledge to use, but it also allows you the rare opportunity to network with other professionals. In many cases, upon completion of a real estate paralegal internship, you are offered employed either by the company you interned for or with an affiliated company. This is an excellent opportunity to truly make the transition into your new career as easy, simplified and streamlined as possible.

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