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Employment Law Paralegal Specialty


As a paralegal you’re able to specialize in a wide variety of legal specializations. Perhaps one of the most popular – and well paying – is that of an employment law paralegal. Also referred to as a labor law paralegal, those specialize in this field should have a genuine interest in labor laws and have a desire to work closely with court proceedings and procedures. You will, obviously, be required to hold an above-average knowledge when it comes to the current labor laws and employment practices.

An employment law paralegal will actively assist not only attorney’s but also employee-employer communications when it comes to various employment practices. You will be expected to work directly with employers to ensure they are in compliance with the various labor laws and help clarify any unfair practices their company may be implementing. As with many other paralegal specialties, the vast majority of your time will be spent handling paperwork. You’ll also find yourself working with worker unions to help mediate conversations and resolve issues, such as insurance disputes and unemployment problems.

Employment Labour LawAs an employment law paralegal, you’ll be expected to hold not only standard skills for a paralegal, but also unique skillsets only utilized by those within this scope of practice. You must not only have a strong working knowledge of various legal terms and various procedures that directly pertain to the employment law scope of practice. You will be expected to hold an above-average understanding of office procedures and computer software, such as case management software programs.

Because an employment law paralegal will be responsible for handling and reviewing time sensitive documentation, you must be able to expertly prioritize your daily tasks as well as maintain above-average organizational skills. You’ll constantly be working in a team environment, so this is a skillset you must master.

Although there aren’t any mandatory educational requirements to become an employment law paralegal, there are several pathways you can take to increase your chances of employment. To begin, you should earn a certificate or degree in paralegal studies. From here, it’s important to engage in an additional certificate program or additional coursework within the scope of labor and employment law. You may find such programs at your local community college, university, technical school or even online via accredited institutions. Perhaps one of the most important elements to look for when selecting a paralegal training program, is to seek out one that’s been accredited by the American Bar Association.

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