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Business Law Paralegal Specialty


Business law paralegals, which are also referred to as corporate law paralegals, is an advanced-level paralegal who specializes in the variety of legal matters that are often only seen within a corporate – or business – setting. If you’re an aspiring business law paralegal, then it’s essential that you fully understand what your daily roles and responsibilities may be as well as the various educational pathways you can take to enter this dynamic and ever-evovling workforce.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Law Paralegal

law-businessThe business industry is a complex and multi-faceted industry filled with a variety of various legalities. Law firms who specialize in business law generally service a variety of both large and small business organizations. The issues tackled by these law firms typically include: sales, property issues, contractual agreements, employment law, commercial compliance and securities. Because of the broad scope of practice found in the majority of business law firms, business law paralegals must obtain a vast knowledge base.

While some of the common daily duties of a business law paralegal may seem familiar, there are several that are unique when it comes to this scope of practice. These include:

1.) Drafting legal documents and communications between the law firm and clients

2.) Filing forms to satisfy the Uniform Commercial Code compliance guideline

3.) Interviewing clients and third party individuals to satisfy the requirements of a specific case

4.) Ensuring the the Security of State document filing requirements are fully met

5.) Assisting lawyers with dissolution, mergers and acquisitions

6.) Maintaining case file documents – either in hard copy or in digital format

7.) Maintaining current and accurate scheduling when it comes to court cases and the progress of specific cases

The Benefits of Business Law Paralegal Specialty

While there are many paralegals who wish to keep their involvement within this profession on a more generalized stance, those who decide to specialize in business law experience not only greater clout within the industry, but also higher salaries. If your goal is to work closely with businesses of all sizes to help ensure their success and work alongside a team of experienced business lawyers, this is an excellent option. The majority of business law paralegals work for several years within this field to further their understanding of business law before delving into law school to become a lawyer.

Business Law Paralegal Educational Pathways

In order to become a business law paralegal, you should consider specializing your educational pathway. For example, the National Association of Legal Assistants offers a unique certification program designed specifically for business law paralegals. Because the average salary of business law paralegals is roughly $61,000 per year, the investment into a specialized education is well worth it.

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